Radical Haircut was the 'nom de brosse' for a range of collaborative video pieces, comic strips and music tracks I created in the eighties. Most of the video work was originated on bulky analogue media which have taken up space in my sister's garage for years. She has recently decided it would be nice to get the car in there so I have been forced to digitise several boxes of enormous U-Matic tapes and framed prints onto less capacious (though arguably less durable) digital formats.

Inspired by the recent REWIND project to conserve early video art (though perhaps 'Eject' or 'Bulk Erase' might be a more suitable epithet for my particular oeuvre) I have decided to place these pieces online.

The themes of the work explore my concerns at the time; global warming, nuclear armageddon, agressive marketing, misplaced nationalism and the growing domination of drugs companies: obsessions which I collectively labelled the "DoomFad". Interestingly most of these preoccuptions persist twenty years later.

Much of the work was created at the Video Production Department at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, Scotland, where I started as a trainee technician at the age of 18. It was easily one of the most well-equipped facilities, both in terms of staff and technology, available to artists at the time anywhere in the world. It was thanks to DJCA and the support of collaborators, particularly artist and curator Chris Byrne, that I was allowed make this work. But I have to take the blame for most of it.

Cavan Convery