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A pepakura paper model based on Daniele Barbaro's architectural sketches, made to coincide with the 'Daniele Barbaro: In and Beyond the Text' project at St Andrew's Universtiy.
Vertical Scroll
A physical paper scroll which can be unwound and read remotely via the web, awarded funding by low-fi. Launched at the Baltic, Gateshead and exhibited at Stills in Edinburgh. It is presently offline.

View a pdf of the scroll
The Mummy
Mummy Workshop eveloped with MadLab for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Participants unwrap a mummy and investigate the amulets, heiroglyphs, insects and pollen hidden within the binding. They then look at x-rays to establish the gender and cause of death, and mix natron salts to 'mummify' pieces of fruit.

The basic mummy was built by XZ Resources by sculpting leather over a plastic medical skeleton.

Mission Control
Rocket workshops for schools and young people. Participants build and launch 1m high paper and card model rockets from everday materials. Rockets are then launched outside using special pyrotechnics and land via parachute. Special workshops included a video camera and transmitter.
A 'performance' of Nimble the blimp at the DCA in Dundee, transmitting live video signals from the craft through the gallery, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gagarin's first human orbit of the Earth.
Flat Earth
I worked for artists Thompson and Craighead creating 2-D and 3-D animation for their piece 'Flat Earth', a work for television formed from blog texts, sounds and satellite imagery garnered from the internet.

A webcam designed to be travel vertically inside a 19th century industrial stack. Awarded funding by Alt-w, it was tested inside the John Cotton chimney in Edinburgh and previewed at the DCA in Dundee.


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The painter Jim Hardie's restored WW2 Messerschmitt communications aeroplane. I installed video cameras to facilitate arts projects with the aircraft. See flickr for more photos.
Radical Haircut
An archive of Video Art I made in the eighties which I am in the process of recovering, restoring and placing online.
I was invited to be an artist/observer at the OpenSource:{VideoDance} Symposium in Findhorn, Scotland, during November 2007. Some of the sketches I made during the event will be used in a forthcoming publication.